New Years Resolutions for the Outdoor Audiophile

New Years Resolutions for the Outdoor Audiophile

New Year's Resolutions for the Outdoor Audiophile

Being an audiophile comes with serious responsibilities, especially if you like to take your audio outdoors. But how do you get started upgrading or building a waterproof sound system? Bikers, boaters, and powersport enthusiasts in particular account for a substantial portion of the outdoor audio-loving community. At Aquatic AV we understand that even the best adventure can be improved with the right music! That said, it can be easy to put your audio needs on the backburner. But isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are for? This New Year’s, consider adding one or more of the following resolutions to your list for 2022.


Make the perfect adventure playlist.


Is there a specific type of music you like to listen to when you’re out and about adventuring? Maybe you like classic rock, pop music, and even the odd opera or two. Whatever music you like, make a playlist this year! Making a playlist to suit a specific event, environment, or season can be a wonderful way to lift your spirits and amplify an already awesome adventure. Share your playlist with your friends and stream via whatever sound system you have available! This resolution doesn’t have to cost any money at all, and can help get you in the mood to adventure in any season.


Start building your sound system from the ground up.



Does your motorcycle, boat, ATV/UTV, or golf cart lack any kind of sound system at all? If this describes you, maybe 2022 is the year you devote to building the sound system of your dreams—or at least getting started! If you’re looking to start small, you can’t go wrong with a new stereo and a pair of high-quality speakers to stream and listen to whatever your heart desires. If you’re looking to jump right in with a fully loaded sound system, consider purchasing a stereo, speakers, subwoofer, amplifier, and even a remote control or additional accessories!


Replace what needs replacing on your existing sound system.


Maybe your outdoor adventure environment already has a sound system in place—or maybe you’re thinking about building a waterproof sound system —but be honest, is it time for an upgrade? A stereo that can’t connect to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth and subpar audio quality such as a crackling or fizzing sound coming from your speakers could indicate it’s time to start replacing some of your audio equipment. We know it’s hard to say goodbye, but we also know that good audio can make or break the moment! When it’s time to start replacing, you’ll know. Whether you decide to replace your old sound system all at once, or piece by piece, Aquatic AV is ready to help with installation support, product recommendations, and more.




RGB capable products are becoming increasingly popular in the audio world. However, while some RGB products can only change between red, green, and blue, Aquatic AV’s RGB products are fully customizable via our app when paired with our RGB Controller; this means you can change your devices’ color illumination to any shade you can imagine. While Aquatic AV’s RGB audio products certainly aren’t the only ones out there, our devices are unique in that customers do not have to purchase a subscription to control their RGB devices using our free app, unlike some of our competitors. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your style as well as well as your sound quality, RGB could be a terrific way to go this year!

For the outdoorsy music lover, just remember that a good waterproof rating and durability standards are extremely important to choosing products that will last as long as your music does. While Aquatic AV is not the only company that develops these types of products, we specialize in exceptionally durable, fully waterproof products that are salt/fog/UV resistant.

Whether you choose to go with an Aquatic AV product or search for your new or upgraded sound system elsewhere, we suggest planning before the warmer months arrive; this way, you’ll be ready to get out there and enjoy your favorite music alongside any adventure 2022 has to offer!

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