AAV’s Aftermarket Stereos for Harley VS the Competition

AAV’s Aftermarket Stereos for Harley VS the Competition

AAV’s Aftermarket Stereos for Harley VS the Competition

AAV offers unique and powerful aftermarket stereos for Harley
Davidson touring motorcycles – but what about the competition?

When it comes to choosing a plug-and-play Harley radio to install in your bike, there are a lot of options out there. However, as far as Harley Davidson touring models go, we’re confident that our MP5 and MP5+ Stereos beat the competitors every time. Here’s why: 


Our aftermarket head units for 1998-2013 Harley Touring Motorcycles are superior to industry competitors in seven important ways.


1. The MP5/MP5+ was the original plug-and-play radio for Harley. 

Aquatic AV was the first to design and produce an effective plug-and-play radio for Harley Touring Motorcycles from 1998-2013. This means the MP5 (also known as the MP5BTH) and MP5+ can be installed with relative ease using your Harley-Davidson factory mounting bracket and wiring connections. In fact, our stereo can even be operated using handlebar controls. We’ve been making this type of stereo longer than anyone else, so you can bet we know what we’re doing and which features matter most to our customers. 

2. The MP5 was the first of its kind to use Bluetooth, while the MP5+ was the first to receive Apple approval and Sirius Satellite. 

Aquatic AV’s MP5 Stereo was the original aftermarket stereo to begin using Bluetooth to let customers stream to their heart’s content. The MP5+ Stereo was the original aftermarket Harley stereo to receive native iPod/iPhone access and Apple approval, back before Bluetooth was the standard for device streaming. While Apple devices can still connect traditionally via cable, we have since included Bluetooth and even Sirius Satellite capabilities on the MP5+ so that our customers can listen to whatever they want from wherever, whenever. 

3. Aquatic AV was the first to use a stainless-steel chassis in an aftermarket head unit for Harley to prevent rusting. 

One of the greatest advantages Aquatic AV products have over our competitors is the waterproof and environment-proof nature of our devices. Since the company’s beginning, we have focused on creating and producing high-quality, high-efficiency waterproof audio equipment to break boundaries regarding device durability, ensuring that our customers can enjoy a great listening experience without having to worry about damaging their audio equipment. In this vein, Aquatic AV has always used stainless-steel chassis in our aftermarket head units for Harley, a material which is well-known for its longevity and rust-resistance. The MP5/MP5+ stereos in addition to most of our other products are also UV, salt, and fog resistant. 

4. Our MP5/MP5+ Stereos feature patented hidden storage and a removable faceplate. 

The MP5 and MP5+ for Harley were the first stereos of their kind to feature a patented hidden compartment behind a detachable faceplate. This hidden compartment allows for easy access to device charging and protection, as well as storage for small valuables and even some phones, depending on their size. The removable faceplate is another favorite element of these devices, being both sturdy and an excellent choice for anyone worried about theft of or damage to their new stereo. 

5. The MP5/MP5+ Stereos include built-in 12V triggers.

The built-in 12-Volt triggers on the MP5 and MP5+ Stereos for Harley allow users to control up to two external devices via the stereo itself, or even a remote control; this could include devices such as amplifiers, and deck or spot lighting. For on-the-go music lovers who plan to add to or change their sound system over time, these triggers present a valuable addition to an already valuable collection of features for this type of head unit. 

6. Aquatic AV offers high value options to suit every budget. 

One of the best things about the MP5/MP5+ Stereos for Harley Touring Motorcycles from 1998-2013 is that they really are designed for every adventurer, no matter what their budget looks like. The MP5 (MP5BTH) is a cost-effective option that offers all the best base model features, including a heavy-duty monochrome screen and the same powerful internal amplifier as its big brother, the MP5+. However, for audiophiles who are comfortable spending a little more money on their new stereo, the MP5+ offers the same features from the original model, with the addition of a color LCD screen, a port for your USB drive, DSP, and even more—all for less than our competitors charge for the exact same features. Whichever stereo you choose, you can’t go wrong. 

7. Aquatic AV lets you save more with comprehensive audio kits for Harley! 

If you’re an audiophile who can’t stay off the road, or your bike is simply in need of a major upgrade in the sound department, Aquatic AV has the perfect solution. In December of 2021, we released a brand-new collection of kits and bundles designed to give you the best listening experience for the best ride possible. Kits like the Sport Kit Premium for Harley include one of our MP5 Stereos plus a set of powerful speakers and an amplifier designed specifically for your bike and are available for both Batwing and Road Glide models. Too much equipment for your taste? The Sport Kit Plus for Harley simply includes one of our MP5+ Stereos and a set of our ultra-popular Sport 6.5” Speakers. We designed these and a wide assortment of other kits to make your mobile sound system dreams come true—up to and even including customizable RGB options—while saving you money so you can feel as good about your listening experience as you do about your adventures. 

These are just a few of the features that make Aquatic AV’s MP5 and MP5+ Stereos for Harley stand out from the competition. To learn more about what to look for in a replacement radio for your bike, or to learn more about the MP5/MP5+, reach out to [email protected]! 

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