All-Terrain Bluetooth Stereo Coming Soon!

All-Terrain Bluetooth Stereo Coming Soon!

All-Terrain Bluetooth Stereo Coming Soon!

Aquatic AV is excited to announce a brand-new waterproof stereo for all-terrain applications, including powersports, golf cart, spa, marine, and other challenging environments. The All-Terrain Screenless Stereo (BT144) offers easy button controls for exceptionally durable on-the-go listening in compact spaces.  

Just like our GP1, CP6, and MP5 series stereos, the BT144 allows users to stream whatever they want via Bluetooth, while a built-in 100-watt digital amplifier maximizes your listening experience by allowing you to power up to 4 speakers/subwoofers at once. However, the user-friendly controls and streamlined listening experience are far from the only benefits this stereo has to offer. This amplifier also has a subwoofer crossover to deliver maximum bass response. The BT144 is 4 ohm stable and the digital amp allows for maximum efficiency.  The BT144 also features backlit buttons with a soft blue glow. 

One of the most exciting features of the all-terrain stereo is the ideal nature of its design for all-terrain use; in other words, the BT144 Stereo is extremely durable. With a waterproof and dustproof rating of IP65, this device is protected against harmful intrusion from both solid and liquid elements that could harm lesser audio equipment. Additionally, protecting against salt, fog, and UV rays ensures that this stereo and its sleek, sporty aesthetic will last as long as possible. 

However, the biggest appeal of the All-Terrain Stereo might just be its size; without a screen or any unnecessary controls to take up space, this stereo is ideal for installation environments with limited space, including ATVs, UTVs, spa, golf carts, and more. One of the biggest challenges faced by powersport and golf carts enthusiasts when it comes to finding high-performance, high-durability audio equipment is size; this is exactly the problem the BT144 was designed to solve. 

The All-Terrain Stereo (BT144) will be available for purchase online from the Aquatic AV Store, or through an authorized distributor in your area. 

Pair with Aquatic AV’s PRO Sport speakers, subwoofers, and even our RGB Controller to enjoy high-quality, powerful audio with customizable RGB illumination wherever adventure takes you. 

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