Is RGB Audio Worth the Investment?

Is RGB Audio Worth the Investment?

Is RGB Audio Worth the Investment?

How do you know if RGB audio devices are worth the investment for your waterproof sound system?

Audio devices come in many shapes, sizes, and – that’s right – colors. Beyond the classic black, white, and chrome shells of the devices themselves, many new audio products feature RGB illumination. While RGB illumination used to be limited to the colors red, green, and blue, some devices can be further customized these days with the addition of an RGB controller – a device that is typically inexpensive, versatile, and in some cases can even be controlled from your phone. That said, RGB illuminated speakers, subwoofers, and other audio devices tends to cost more than their lightless counterparts, so it’s important to understand the benefits before you buy.


RGB audio lets you…


Set the mood


Whether you’re throwing a party, hosting an event, or simply vibing with friends or by yourself, RGB lights can be a wonderful way to set the mood. Rather than purchasing separate RGB lighting to install on your boat, powersport, or other outdoor adventure environment, purchasing RGB speakers and subwoofers allows you to enjoy the same lighting experience without additional purchases and installation of even more waterproof equipment. Additionally, many RGB audio devices can even be set to change colors, flash, or engage in alternate light modes for a more all-encompassing listening experience to match the vibe of your mood and your music. 


Stand out


RGB audio is also a fantastic way to jazz up your space when it’s starting to feel bland. In fact, as far as cosmetic alterations go, RGB audio is much less expensive than some other options for improvement. RGB audio devices also offer the bonus of upgraded – you guessed it – audio! This means more than a style upgrade, as you can enjoy a sound upgrade as well. If you’re looking to set your boat, golf cart, outdoor bar, or any other applicable environment apart, few additions are as effective, eye-catching, and fun as waterproof RGB sound systems. That brings us to perhaps the most important point in favor of investing in your own RGB audio setup. 


Have Fun


RGB illuminated audio devices are just plain fun! Getting to choose the color to match your mood and/or your music can be cathartic, exciting, and even relaxing! If you’re looking for the one upgrade to really push the fun on your adventures to the next level, RGB audio devices are an excellent choice – and despite common misconceptions, RGB audio devices don’t have to be expensive. Just like non-illuminated audio equipment, there’s a wide range of devices in assorted sizes boasting distinctive features, largely priced accordingly. Just remember to limit your search to trusted, waterproof equipment if you’re planning to install your RGB audio anywhere the elements may pose a hazard.  

Ready to learn more about RGB Audio? Check out Aquatic AV’s various RGB speakers and subwoofers available in multiple styles. Pair these speakers/subwoofers with our exciting and economical RGB Controller, the RG100 (sold separately from our RGB-capable devices). By pairing Aquatic AV’s RGB capable devices with the RG100, you can access thousands of color options via multiple color-pickers, choose from a variety of changing light modes, adjust your device brightness, save favorites, and more, all via the free Aquatic AV app on your phone (no subscriptions required).

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