Audio Upgrades for Your ATV/UTV or Golf Cart

Audio Upgrades for Your ATV/UTV or Golf Cart

Audio Upgrades for Your ATV/UTV or Golf Cart

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to upgrading the sound system on your ATV, UTV, golf cart, or other powersport vehicle. The trouble with these adventure vehicles is that they typically offer a significantly more limited space for mounting and installation of audio devices than other outdoor vehicles, such as cars, boats, and even motorcycles. Additionally, the environmental challenges faced by these smaller adventure vehicles call for a much higher level of durability than traditional audio equipment. Choosing the wrong devices to upgrade your ride could result in an inability to install the equipment correctly and lack of the necessary protection to prevent your new system from breaking down, creating the need for costly repairs and/or replacements sooner rather than later.  


It’s important to look for compact or shallow outdoor audio devices.


Due to the smaller size of powersport vehicles and golf carts, it’s important to look for audio products that are described as “compact” and/or “designed for shallow mounting space” depending on the device in question. For example, Aquatic AV recently released the All-Terrain Bluetooth Stereo (BT144) with powersport customers in mind. The compact, screenless design allows for maximum durability and power even in the most limited space. Similarly, Aquatic AV’s powerful 6.5” RGB speakers offer a serious style and sound upgrade without taking up too much space. 


Your powersport sound system should be fully waterproof and dustproof to start.


There are all kinds of environmental protection ratings you can look for when building a new sound system for your all-terrain vehicle, utility terrain vehicle, or golf cart. However, the most important protection rating for your situation is called an Ingress Protection or “IP” rating. The first number in an IP Rating refers to a device’s protection against the intrusion of solids, like dust and dirt, and maxes out at 6. The second number in an IP Rating refers to a device’s protection against the intrusion of liquids, like water; the highest level of liquid intrusion is 9k. For audio equipment intended for use with powersport vehicles, IP65 is a standard rating that promises efficient and effective protection. As an added bonus, Aquatic AV’s audio products are designed to guarantee extra resistance against salt, fog, and UV rays that break down even high-quality sound systems over time.  


High quality audio upgrades don’t have to break the bank.


It’s a common misconception that more expensive audio devices must mean better quality. However, this is often not the case. It’s important to understand exactly what you’re looking for in your new audio equipment to figure out if the price tag is worth it. Additionally, it’s important to look into the history and reviews of the company in question to see what kind of reputation they have for creating products stand up to the hype. Aquatic AV has dealt in premiere adventure audio devices from its conception, initially beginning with waterproof audio for extremely high-wear environments like spas and hot tubs, in which the heat and chemicals can quickly destroy audio equipment that doesn’t stand the test. Since then, the company has ensured that every other product they create is developed with the same efficacy, protection, and style in mind. Even with Aquatic AV’s consistently high-quality and stellar reputation in mind, their products remain competitively priced, even selling for hundreds of dollars less than their competitors boasting equivalent and inferior products. 


With so many great choices out there, finding the right audio equipment for your ATV, UTV, or golf cart should be a breeze. Just keep in mind the size, durability, and price of the device so that you can compare as you go to make sure you enjoy the best audio for every adventure – and for the best price.  

Still have questions about how to upgrade your adventure sound system? Reach out to [email protected] to discuss your options! Aquatic AV offers high-durability stereos, speakers, subwoofers, and more so that wherever adventure takes you, the party never has to stop. 

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