Does Your Waterproof Sound System Need a Subwoofer?

Does Your Waterproof Sound System Need a Subwoofer?

Does Your Waterproof Sound System Need a Subwoofer?

From stereos and speakers to subwoofers, amplifiers, and more, there are many pieces you may choose to include in a waterproof sound system for your boat, ATV/UTV, golf cart, or other challenging outdoor environment. However, deciding which audio device to prioritize can be tricky. For example, how do you know if your sound system really needs a subwoofer? To answer that question, it may first help to understand what a subwoofer does. 


A subwoofer boosts the lowest frequencies in your audio, including sounds like bass guitar, low voices, deep percussion, and sound effects.


Subwoofers are typically praised for offering fuller, richer audio than sound systems without. In fact, subwoofers are considered essential to most completed sound systems, as playing audio or listening to music without a subwoofer can result in an all-around “thinner” sound. Depending on what kind of music you typically listen to, the lack of a subwoofer to fill out your sound may be noticeable, but if you plan to play a broad range of music types and/or your goal is to build a sound system with professional-grade audio, a subwoofer will likely be necessary. 


Subwoofers are an excellent choice to increase both the quality and reach of an outdoor sound system.


For building a sound system in an outdoor or adventure environment, a subwoofer may be particularly useful, as your audio will need to be of higher quality to perform well even in areas with high background noise. Including a subwoofer to catch the lower frequencies in your sound is a wonderful way to expand your audio, because those lower frequencies are often what can be heard and felt from farther away. Therefore, if you’re finding that your audio isn’t having the impact or reach you were hoping for, including a subwoofer could be the perfect solution. 


Subwoofers can also be a terrific way to upgrade your style.


Depending on the subwoofer you choose, your new device could enhance or alter your sound system’s existing aesthetic. For example, including an RGB subwoofer allows you to make use of color illumination to customize your setting. Paired with an inexpensive RGB controller, you could even choose from thousands of colors and light mode options to match the mood to your music, party with friends, and more. However, RGB lighting is far from the only way a subwoofer can upgrade your style. Choosing a non-RGB subwoofer with a matching or cohesive design can be an equally fantastic way to solidify your existing design aesthetic, and/or may give you a great new direction to take your style in when you make other audio upgrades in the future! 


Remember, the subwoofer you choose for an outdoor sound system should be waterproof and dustproof to start.


It can be easy to get carried away when you’re looking for new audio equipment, but it’s important to keep in mind the durability that every element of an outdoor sound system needs to have. Your subwoofer should be waterproof and dustproof at the very least and may also be salt/fog/UV ray resistant depending on which company you choose to purchase from. For example, Aquatic AV focuses solely on waterproof adventure audio products, so everything the company creates is known for having reliable protection in all kinds of environments. 


Still trying to decide if you need a subwoofer, or simply looking to learn more? Reach out to [email protected] to chat about how a subwoofer can upgrade your sound system and what to look for in the perfect device for you and your adventures. 

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