Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Audiophile

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Audiophile

Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Audiophile

Do you need gift ideas for the outdoor audiophile in your life? If your adventurer has mentioned a longing for better audio quality wherever their ride takes them – be it an ATV/UTV, golf cart, boat, or even a motorcycle – Aquatic AV is here to help. Consider the following devices to upgrade your loved one’s adventures this season: 


Bluetooth waterproof stereo. 


Does your loved one need a new or upgraded option for streaming their favorite songs, audiobooks, or podcasts? Aquatic AV offers a wide variety of highly durable stereos with waterproof, dustproof, and salt/fog/UV resistant protection. Not only do our stereos come with adventure-ready durability, they also offer multiple streaming options, including Bluetooth, Auxiliary input, USB, AM/FM radio, and more depending on the stereo in question. From gauge-size stereos for a seamless nautical aesthetic to compact and shallow-mount stereos for installation environments with limited space, Aquatic AV has it all when it comes to bestselling adventure stereos. 


RGB speakers and/or subwoofer. 


Whether your loved one likes a more traditional or sporty aesthetic for their adventure environment, Aquatic AV has high-powered speakers and subwoofers to suit your purposes – including those with customizable RGB illumination. From 6.5” speakers in both sporty and classic styles to 10” subwoofers designed to match, Aquatic AV offers a variety of sound-power options with industry-leading sound quality and waterproof/dustproof protection for any environment. Pair any of Aquatic AV’s RGB products with our inexpensive RG100 controller to let your loved one choose from thousands of color and light mode options all from the free AAV App on their phone! 


Waterproof amplifier.  


Could your loved one’s outdoor audio use a boost? Explore Aquatic AV’s high-durability, high-powered amplifiers, featuring multiple channel options and digital technology to lower battery strain without compromising sound quality. Aquatic AV offers multiple size options, including a compact amplifier perfect for motorcycles and even powersport environments where audio space must be used sparingly. Don’t forget to build your loved one a playlist to remind them of you when they’re testing their new equipment! 


Looking for more gift ideas for your outdoor audiophile? Ready to compare the devices mentioned above with our competitors? Reach out via live chat on our website – and happy holidays! 

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