Powersport Sound System Buying Guide

Powersport Sound System Buying Guide

Powersport Sound System Buying Guide

Choosing the right audio equipment for your ATV, UTV, golf cart, or powersport environment can be daunting; after all, not all audio equipment is as all-terrain as your adventures can be. First and foremost, it’s important to seek out audio devices that are certified waterproof, but this is just the start of the thing you need to consider when purchasing a powersport sound system. 


1. Any device you add to your powersport sound system should have multi-environment protection. 


Multi-environment protection is an important feature to note and understand; not only does this include waterproof protection, certified and communicated using an IP Rating, but powersport audio devices should also be dustproof, and ideally resistant to the effects of salt, fog, and even UV rays that can damage sound equipment over time. This multi-environment protection will allow you to enjoy high-quality audio wherever adventure takes you, through deserts, forests, coastlines, and more. Additionally, proven multi-environment protection guarantees a longer life for your audio device, thereby protecting your wallet from the additional expenses of unwanted repairs and replacements if your sound system were to sustain damage. 


2. Audio devices in a powersport sound system typically need to be compact. 


Not only does each element of a powersport sound system need to have multi-environment protection, but each element likely needs to be smaller than some of the other popular outdoor audio gear. For example, every sound system needs some kind of stereo, but dash space where a stereo would be installed can be extremely limited, especially on ATVs. This is why it’s important to seek outdoor audio solutions that are not only small in surface area, but also offer shallow mounting depth. Double-checking a device’s surface area size and installation depth is a straightforward way to prevent inconvenient returns and/or serious challenges in installation. 


3. Powersport sound systems can vary widely in style, so it’s important to search around and discover what’s out there. 


It’s easy to assume that most powersport sound systems look alike, and while there may be some similarities in style between audio devices from different companies, it’s important to note that there are a variety of trends available. For example, some adventure audio equipment features classic grills; these are great for a low-key solution, elegant and yet not as striking as some of the more modern styles. Another popular aesthetic for powersport sound equipment is the modern, sporty look; these devices typically have a different sort of grill and may even feature RGB illumination – which brings us to our last big style. Nowadays it’s not too difficult to find RGB illuminated audio devices for powersport environments, both with traditional and modern design elements. However, only some of these devices offer customizable illumination. Powersport sound systems with customizable illumination allows users to choose from thousands of distinct colors, and even use a variety of light modes; some of these RGB devices may be controlled by remote, while others can even be controlled via an app on your phone. 



4. Not all powersport sound systems are made equal; it is important to research a company’s history with waterproof adventure audio before deciding to purchase. 


Unfortunately, just because a device says it is for powersport use doesn’t mean it can stand up under pressure and continue to provide high quality audio performance. It’s a good idea to investigate the company you’re considering purchasing from to understand their history with waterproof/multi-environment protected/powersport audio. If, for example, a company doesn’t appear to have much of a history building durable outdoor sound systems, it may not be the safest choice to purchase your powersports audio from. Aquatic AV, on the other hand, is proud to say that waterproof, multi-environment audio equipment is all that we do, and all that we have always done, so we are extremely familiar with the toll a great adventure can take on audio equipment and we are always working to build the next most durable and exciting sound systems for all our adventurers. 


Curious about what kind of powersports audio Aquatic AV offers? Check out the Powersports page on our website to explore our compact stereos, RGB speakers/subwoofers, energy-preserving amplifiers, and more. 

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