SPRING Into Adventure with These 5 Boating Destinations!

SPRING Into Adventure with These 5 Boating Destinations!

SPRING Into Adventure with These 5 Boating Destinations!

Are you itching to hitch up your boat and get out on the water this spring? We completely understand. That’s why your adventure advocates here at Aquatic AV have compiled a list of the ultimate destinations for you and your boat this spring, whether you’re into swimming, fishing, diving, sunbathing, or you are simply addicted to being out on the water. 

1. Lake Superior, Michigan

If you have ever thought of taking your boat out on the biggest freshwater lake in the world, spring is a wonderful time to do so! Lake Superior, the largest of the great lakes, is located above Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This is an ideal location for the fishing enthusiast, with Lake Superior boasting walleye, trout, chinook, salmon, and an enormous variety of fish it would take too long to list here. May through September is considered the best time to engage in some boat fishing on this lake, giving you plenty of time to plan your trip out there if you aren’t one of the lucky local residents! 

2. Lake Tahoe, California

Accessible from California and Nevada, this well-known lake is a great destination to add to your road trip this spring! In addition to sandy beaches and cool, blue water, there is plenty to do on land as well! Whether you’re an avid hiker or prefer to be pampered in a nearby resort, there are plenty of places to stay in the area loaded with as many or as few amenities as you like! This lake is a great destination for boaters of all kinds, whether you come to swim, fish, or simply stretch your sea legs! 

3. Lake Travis, Texas

This Central Texas lake is on the Colorado river and boasts almost tropical looking blue-green waters and a healthy population of bass, catfish, sunfish, and more for all those fishing fans. Looking to check something off your bucket list? Lake Travis is famous (or maybe infamous) for Hippie Hollow Park, a designated clothing-optional location on the East side of this large body of water. This lake also boasts plenty to do on land if you’re staying in the area, from ziplines to beautiful waterfront restaurants, and more! 

4. Morehead City, North Carolina

Looking to get out of the lakes and/or in search of a good dive spot? Morehead City is a port city in North Carolina that boasts crystal clear waters. This city appropriately forms part of the “crystal coast”, and is popular with all kinds of divers, from SCUBA to snorkeling, freediving, and more. This is also an excellent location for sports fishing! When you’re ready to step foot on land again, the surrounding area offers just as much to do (and maybe more), from historical destinations to a bustling community filled with an eclectic array of shops and even a local winery!  

5. Lake Coeur D’Alene, Idaho

This enormous lake is at the foot of the famous Rocky Mountains in Idaho! Covering an immense 30,000 acres, this lake is considered a must-visit for avid boaters and nature enthusiasts alike. Whether dock or fly-fishing for a variety of trout or taking the boat out in hopes of catching some salmon or taking a dip, this lake does not disappoint. Looking to spend some time on land? Lake Coeur D’Alene is a beautiful place to camp, hike, and even golf! 

6. Beaver Lake, Arkansas

Another beloved aquatic destination for mountain-lovers is Beaver Lake, located in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas! This man-made lake was created in the 1960s when a dam was erected to prevent flooding to the surrounding area. Since then, the lake has blossomed into a popular destination for fishing, diving, and exploring, with clear-as-crystal waters and a wide variety of fish and other local wildlife to catch your eye. If you love cliffs, caves, and a more rugged feel to your adventures, this is a must-add destination to your road trip list! 

7. Big Bear Lake, California

Located in the San Bernadino National Forest, this lake is a fabulous choice for you, your boat, and your crew! Whether you’re making the short 100-mile trek from Los Angeles or crossing the country, Big Bear Lake boasts a positively dazzling tree line along the shore, a whopping 22-miles long. A popular destination for swimming and water sports, this lake also boasts a healthy population of trout, bluegill, bass, and a variety of freshwater fish for you to try your luck at catching! Ready to take a break from the water? This lake is also considered an amazing place to camp, with both tent and RV camping available to let you get the most out of your dip into nature! 


With so many beautiful and exciting destinations waiting for you and your boat, spring is the perfect time to take advantage! Whether these destinations are right up the road or a lengthy drive away, we believe the trip will be worth it—and don’t forget to tell us about your experience! Post on social media and tag Aquatic AV to share your aquatic adventures and inspire your friends! 


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