Aftermarket Harley Radio Buying Guide

Aftermarket Harley Radio Buying Guide

Aftermarket Harley Radio Buying Guide

Does your ride need a new radio? If you’re in the market for a new aftermarket stereo or replacement head unit for your Harley Davidson® touring motorcycle, there are several important elements to keep in mind. 

  1. Reliability

Few things are worse than shelling out your hard-earned money for a device that breaks only a few months after using it. This is where looking into product reviews specifically from customers who have owned and used a product for several months or longer can be helpful. If customers are routinely finding that a stereo begins to experience problems after only a month of use, that’s something you probably want to know before purchasing. On the other hand, if customers are routinely satisfied with a device’s performance over an extended period of time, this could indicate a good investment for both you and your ride. 

  1. Features

It’s important to explore what type of aftermarket Harley stereos are available for your specific bike to get an idea of what sort of features are available. Certain features may be more important to you than others; for example, Bluetooth streaming is becoming increasingly important to consumers as it has become a standard feature in so many listening devices. However, having access to standard AM/FM radio frequencies may be equally important to you. Some stereos even offer additional streaming including USB, MP3, Aux, and even the ability to stream from services like Sirius XM® with a subscription. Hidden storage compartments, variable screen brightness, screen size, and the layout of the stereo controls may be additional features to keep in mind as you explore your radio options. 

  1. Ease-of-Use

Some stereos may be easier to use than others. From larger controls and screens that are easier to read to the easy availability of the functions that are most important to you, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the logistics of how you will use the stereo while you are on the road. Will you need to stop and pull over to figure out how to access the features you want, or does the faceplate of the stereo make it easy to do so while on the go? 

  1. Price

Finally, it’s important to consider price and budget. Is it important to remain below a certain price point when making your purchase, or do you have a little wiggle room? Which features are you willing to pay more for, if any? Just because an aftermarket Harley stereo is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s better than it’s cheaper competitors. This is where it’s a good idea to shop around if you haven’t done so already, and compare product features, customer reviews, and prices to decide what’s worth spending on the devices available. 

Aquatic AV’s bestselling MP5 and MP5+ replacement radios for Harley Davidson® touring motorcycles are industry leaders in the field. These AAV stereos are a customer favorite and were the first to incorporate several exciting features, including increased durability, Apple iOS® streaming, Sirius XM® compatibility, device charging, a hidden storage compartment, and more. 

Still have questions about how to upgrade your Harley sound system? Reach out to [email protected] to discuss your options! Aquatic AV offers high-durability stereos, speakers, amps, and more so that wherever adventure takes you, the party never has to stop. 

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