8 Ways to Beat the Heat Outdoors this Summer

8 Ways to Beat the Heat Outdoors this Summer

8 Ways to Beat the Heat Outdoors this Summer

Summer is a wonderful time to get outside, but sometimes the heat can feel oppressive – particularly if you live in a climate where the sun and humidity are a force to contend with. However, with a little forethought, planning, and creativity there are plenty of ways to beat the heat while enjoying the beautiful summertime outdoors!  

The following are our eight top recommendations for staying cool while getting outside this summer: 

1. Arrange a lake day!

Do you, your friend, or a family member have a boat? Plan a day to take it out on the water for some tubing, swimming, fishing or whatever else you like to do on a boat! Don’t have a boat? Rent some canoes or kayaks and take a dip while you’re out on the water to stay cool! Not too keen on watercraft? Pack a delicious picnic, a killer playlist, and your bathing suit and pick a day to spend on the shore, wading or swimming to cool off as necessary.  

2. Host a pool party!

Bust out the grill, purchase your favorite barbecue goodies, and invite all your favorite people for a pool party in celebration of the summer! Where this takes place in your own pool, a neighborhood pool, apartment pool, or even an inflatable kiddy pool in the front yard, make the pool party your own with fun summertime drinks, decorations, bubbles, popsicles, sprinklers, and anything else ideal for cooling off when temperatures rise. 

3. Cruise to a cooler climate!

Not much of a water person? No worries! While most of our ideas for beating the heat involve water activity, our landlocked friends are not without hope. Do you have a vehicle you love to drive? A motorcycle you’ve been itching to take for some real touring? Plan a road trip solo or with friends to a cooler climate! The wind in your hair is just the start of the summertime freedom a spontaneous or well-planned road trip has to offer. 

4. Go boating!

Back to the water for this idea, you don’t have to limit your aquatic adventures to the sandy shoreline. Charter a boat or take your own out for a spin on a body of water you’ve never explored before! Are you usually a lake explorer? Opt for a river trip! Do you usually stick to freshwater? Plan a trip on the salty sea and make a real vacation of it! Maybe it’s time to investigate that cruise you’ve been dreaming of… 

5. Ride your ATV/UTV to a hard-to-reach watering hole!

Some of the best and most beautiful places to beat the heat are in difficult to access locations. Look up your area’s best kept aquatic secrets and watering holes intended for only the truly adventurous to enjoy! Plan a hiking and/or camping trip to reach your aquatic destination or pick a locale that can only be accessed by ATV or UTV and an extra thrill to your summertime adventures! 

6. Visit a water park!

When was the last time you visited a water park? For many, water parks were a childhood dream forgotten with time, but there’s plenty to do at a water park that’s fun for adults, kids, and families alike! Water parks remain a popular way to enjoy summer even on the hottest days; from heart-stopping slides and rides to mind-numbingly frosty slushies, ice cream, and other amusement park snacks, indulging in a visit to the nearest water park might be just what the doctor ordered. 

7. Float the river!

Whether you’re a first-time river-floater or a seasonal expert, floating the river can be a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family without ever relinquishing the cool respite of the natural water. Rent or purchase whatever tube or flotation device you’ll be most comfortable in, look up the best place to hop in the water, and arrange a ride to take you back to the top of the river to float it all over again! 

8. Camp at the beach!

Back to the beach we go for our final summertime recreation recommendation! If you’ve never camped at the beach before, this is an absolute must. Yes, there will be sand just about everywhere, but nothing beats the coastal air, tranquil scenery, and salty spray of the ocean so nearby! Whether you plan to wade, swim, float, surf, or embrace your daredevil and rent an ATV or UTV to cruise the dunes, there is something for everyone to enjoy while beach camping. 

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Questions? Contact [email protected] to learn more! 

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