About Aquatic AV

A History of Innovation

In 2005 our CEO Bob Fils identified a glaring gap in the audio-visual equipment market – the need for genuinely durable, waterproof AV products specifically designed for use in spas and hot tubs, where regular audio systems couldn’t hold their ground against the constant exposure to water, chemicals, and environmental stress.

Instead of following the common path of adapting car stereo equipment, Fils championed innovation and reliability, harnessing high-quality components, the strength and durability of stainless steel and other specially selected materials. Aquatic AV was born, and Fils had set a new benchmark in quality and durability.

Recognizing the clear demand for durable, waterproof AV products, and that our expertise could address challenges in other industries, the mission was now clear – providing powerful, high-quality audio at an affordable price, wherever adventure takes you.

Fils and the Aquatic AV team set about creating a range of products for marine, power sports, ATV and motorcycle industries. Notably, our Harley-Davidson Motorcycle products have achieved significant praise, establishing Aquatic AV as the most sought-after aftermarket stereo for owners of Harley touring bikes.

Today, Aquatic AV has transformed from a family-driven venture into an industry leading company, with employees across five time zones and over 700 trusted dealers and distributors.

Aquatic AV proudly supplies most of the world’s leading spa and hot tub manufacturers and our products can be found installed on some of the world’s most prestigious boats, a multitude of power sports and ATV vehicles, golf carts and Harley-Davidson Motorcycles.

So, whether you’re navigating open waters, carving through winding roads, or relaxing in your hot tub, Aquatic AV can elevate every moment with high-quality, reliable, and great sounding audio products.

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Authorized Dealers & Distributors


Caring for the environment and our planet is part of who we are. Aquatic AV is committed to take real, tangible steps toward sustainability.

For over ten years our warehouse was entirely powered by renewable energy, 80% generated by our own company and 20% purchased from other providers, and since 2021 Aquatic AV is proud to operate from 100% of our own clean, green, renewable energy. You can find out more about our sustainability commitments here.

Custom Solutions

Every year, Aquatic AV works with more than 100 OEM manufacturers around the world to develop custom waterproof audio solutions for industry-leading products, ranging from stereos and speakers to lighting, harnesses, and anything in between.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to collaborate on something never-before-seen (or heard!), contact us and let us do what we do best – innovate, create, and provide the watertight audio solutions of your dreams.