About Aquatic AV

A History of Innovation

How It Started

Our story begins in the California Bay Area in 2005 when Bob Fils noticed a need for durable waterproof audio + video products in the spa industry and founded Aquatic AV to provide just that. Water intrusion, heat, and harsh chemicals had long been a problem for spa owners, resulting in serious wear and tear on the traditional audio equipment used in spas, hot tubs, and other environments where the physical conditions posed a challenge. Working with our talented design team, Fils quickly developed products made with materials that could not only survive but excel under these and other tough conditions. Right away, our team made the innovative decision to bypass the standard base for our products, which at that time was made from car stereos chassis equipment, in favor of using stainless steel and other specially coated metals to guarantee a high level of durability, even when faced with water, chemical, and environmental wear. Shortly thereafter, Aquatic AV became a benchmark in the spa industry and grew from a small family business to a company with employees in 5 different time zones more than 700 authorized dealers and distributors around the world. We are proud to say our products have become so trusted that they are now used globally by the majority of spa manufacturers.

What To Expect






Authorized Dealers & Distributors

How It's Going

The Aquatic AV team wasn’t content with leading the spa audio + video industry. The wider need for watertight products like ours was blatantly obvious, and we had the solution.

The Aquatic AV team expanded their attention to include other environments in need of waterproof AV equipment, including marine, powersports, and motorcycles, as well as working on custom waterproof audio projects with a select clientele. While all our products remain top-of-the-line, our aftermarket audio equipment designed for Harley Davidson touring bikes experienced particular success, becoming one of the most popular aftermarket Harley radios on the market.

What To Expect

At Aquatic AV we believe everyone deserves the chance to enjoy powerful high-quality audio at an affordable price, wherever adventure takes you. In this spirit we plan to continue branching out into other areas of the waterproof entertainment industry.

Every year, Aquatic AV works with more than 100 OEM manufacturers around the world to develop custom waterproof audio solutions for industry-leading products ranging from source units and speakers to lighting, harnesses, and anything in between. At the same time, we are committing as a company to take real, tangible steps toward sustainability; for the past ten years our warehouse has been entirely powered by renewable energy, 80% generated by our own company and 20% purchased from other providers. By the end of 2021 Aquatic AV is proud to announce that we will run off 100% of our own renewable energy.

If you’re an audiophile looking to upgrade your sound or a manufacturer looking to collaborate on something never-before-seen-or-heard, this is your sign. Let us do what we do best—innovate, create, and provide the watertight audio solutions of your dreams.