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Do NOT Buy List

If you see our products for sale (including online and on third-party marketplaces likes Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, etc) by any of the resellers below, we advise you to NOT buy from them. The products offered by these sellers may not be genuine Aquatic AV products, blocked from Aquatic AV updates and support services, may not properly function, and are not under warranty. Protect your purchase by avoiding unauthorized sellers below. If you’ve purchased Aquatic AV products from these sellers, we’d advise you to return your products and purchase from an authorized reseller.

Avoid these unauthorized resellers:

AmazingParts USA
American Bazaar Shop
Bass 5441
DH Performance & Sound Inc.
Eclectic Mart
Garage Bagger
HiDEF Lifestyle Home Theater Store
Ignition Automotive
RV and Auto Parts
Skyline Outlet

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