Aquatic AV + Sustainability

Our commitment to being an eco-friendly tech company in a world that needs us.

Caring for the environment and our planet is part of who we are.

10+ Years of Solar Power
For 10+ Years our warehouse + AAV HQ have been powered by a large solar installation on the roof, covering 80% of our energy usage. We want to go above and beyond as an eco-friendly tech company.
Remote Team
Our team works in 5+ time zones around the world and mostly from home, limiting the need for a regular commute, helping reduce transportation emissions.
100% Renewable Energy
What we can’t produce we purchase via renewable energy credits and other programs to cover our electricity usage as we build towards 100% capacity. Our goal is to be one of the most sustainable tech companies in our industry.
3+ EV Charging Stations
We provide free electric vehicle (EV) charging to all employees with EVs and an incentive toward the purchase of an EV.
Smaller, Greener Products
We’re working closely with our team and partners to reduce product and packaging size and working to remove and reduce non-compostable materials. Through new products like the BLUECUBE6 Mini, we’ve created slimmer versions of our products to make installations easier for our customers as well as allowing for smaller packaging and lower transportation emissions.

Our Commitments & Goals

100% Generated Solar
This year we committed to expanding our solar installation to cover 100% of our energy usage during peak periods.
Battery Backup
We’re installing battery backups to capture excess solar energy for use during peak hours and lessen our reliance on the grid.
100% Carbon Neutral
As an eco-friendly tech company, we are pledging for a carbon neutral Aquatic AV by 2030. We are confident that we can achieve this goal as we ramp up our environmental commitments each year.