Ultra RGB Speakers and Stereo Plus Kit for Harley

for 1998-2013 Harley Davidson Touring Motorcycles

Looking to give the sound system on your bike a solid boost? Between Aquatic AV’s bestselling MP5+ head unit with a color screen and dust cover, a pair of Ultra+ 6.5” RGB Speakers, and an RGB Controller for maximum color and light mode customization, the Ultra RGB Speakers and Stereo Plus Kit for Harley is both economical and mighty.


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Ultra RGB & Stereo Plus Kit for Harley

MP5+ Stereo for Harley

Multiple Streaming Options
Stream music from your favorite device with support for Bluetooth Audio, MP3, USB, and AUX input. Enjoy AM/FM listening wherever you go and save your favorite stations with 18 FM and 12 AM presets available. Compatible with both US and European frequencies. This stereo is ready to access over 170 Sirius XM radio stations.
Plug and Play with Handlebar Controls
Use your Harley-Davidson factory mounting bracket and wiring connections to easily plug, play, and ride. Control your music from the Harley-Davidson factory handlebar controls.
288 Watt Amplifier
Power up to 8 speakers or a combination of speakers and subwoofers thanks to a powerful 288W amplifier. Class A/B amplifier, 2 Ohm stable.

Ultra+ 6.5`` RGB Speakers

300W Total Power
These 4ohm speakers are rated at 300W total power (200W RMS) so your ride can be heard from miles away.
RGB Cone Illumination
Innovative RGB illumination technology lets you customize your style with a spectrum of colors to complement your mood and music.
RGB Control at Your Fingertips
Unlock a rainbow of color customization options with Aquatic AV’s RGB Controller (sold separately); register your product with Aquatic AV and pair with the app for maximum convenience and ultimate color control.
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Frequently Asked Questions
The Sport Plus Kit for Harley will work with 1998-2013 Model Years of Harley Touring Motorcycles. If you have questions about compatibility, contact Aquatic AV Support.
This product includes the following:
  • MP5+ for Harley Digital Media Player
  • Faceplate Dust Cover
  • (1) USB Input Socket
  • Four-pin Rear Speakers Wiring Harness
  • User / Installation Manual
  • 2 Speakers
  • 2 Crossover Cables
  • 14 Speaker Screws

The Aquatic AV SPORT 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson will not fit all Harleys, like the Aquatic AV ULTRA 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson, which has a smaller magnet.  If you cannot install this speaker inside your fairing, I would recommend you swap to the Aquatic AV ULTRA 6.5″ Speakers for Harley-Davidson.

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RGB Controller

Small Footprint, Easy To Install
Two tabs on the top and bottom of the device allow for easy installing and mounting in a variety of environments.
Works With The Aquatic AV App
Paired with the free Aquatic AV App, the RGB Controller unlocks endless possibilities for color customization.
Thousands of Colors
Unleash your creativity with every color of the rainbow at your fingertips.