Hide-Away Waterproof Stereos for Any Environment


Our Smallest Hide-Away Stereo Yet

The BLUECUBE6 MINI is an excellent solution for quality sound, added features, and staying out of sight. This marine and spa stereo features Bluetooth audio, MP3, 288W total power, and is remote ready. Looking for the highest quality sound, while maintaining your environment’s aesthetic? The BLUECUBE6 MINI is the perfect solution!

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Discreet, Powerful Sound

If you’re looking for big sound in a little package, the BLUECUBE6 BASIC Hide-Away Stereo could be exactly what you need. This simple, no-frills device is a great way to upgrade your new or existing sound system without breaking the bank, whether as a hot tube stereo replacement, hide-away marine stereo, or other application. The discreet design and compact size of this waterproof stereo make it the perfect choice for spas, boats, and other environments where water and chemicals may pose a hazard to traditional audio equipment.

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