SWA6 Series

Combined Waterproof Stereo Systems with Subwoofer


Combined Stereo + 8" Subwoofer + Remote

Looking for a waterproof subwoofer for boat and a stereo to control it? From boats and ATVs to indoor/outdoor marine and spa environments and more, if you’re looking to boost your sound quality, the SWA6+ Combined Waterproof Stereo System with Subwoofer could be the answer. This stereo-subwoofer boasts an 8″ cone to amplify your bass for the perfect vibration.

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Combined Stereo + 8" Subwoofer

The SWA6 Combined Waterproof Stereo with Subwoofer is built as the ultimate companion for any music-loving adventurer. With Bluetooth capabilities supported by Halo Aerial Technology to boost the signal range, you can stream your favorite sounds from just about anywhere.

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Combined Stereo + 5" Subwoofer

Looking for more powersport or boat sound system ideas? With all the features of the SWA6 in a compact design, the SWA6mini stereo and subwoofer also features an attached power supply for ultimate convenience. This remote ready stereo/subwoofer makes a valuable and high-powered addition to your waterproof audio setup.

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