PRO Sport Series

Sleek, Sporty, Powerful Waterproof RGB Speakers and Waterproof Subwoofers

PRO Sport 6.5" Speakers

High-Quality RGB Speakers

Are you ready to add RGB marine speakers to your adventure audio setup? Look no further than Aquatic AV’s brand-new 6.5” Pro Sport speakers. These RGB waterproof speakers are co-axial, which means they give you the perfect blend of high-end treble and bass frequencies for a fuller, crisper sound, and offer customizable illumination when paired with our RGB Controller (RG100).

PRO Sport 10" Subwoofer

High-Quality RGB Subwoofer

If you’re looking for a high-performance subwoofer with intense 400 Watt power and customizable RGB lighting to upgrade your adventure or marine sound system, look no further than the PRO Sport 10″ Subwoofer. This durable subwoofer delivers massive power and features the Aquatic AV original wave logo badge.

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