Aquatic AV Product Registration

How to Register Your Aquatic AV Product

Registering your product with Aquatic AV is a great way to not only activate a 2-year warranty for your device's protection, but can also be a great way to manage, organize, and even control select devices if you choose to register using the Aquatic AV app.
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Why You Should Register Your Product

Your product comes with a standard warranty, which varies based on the model of your unit and the country in which it was purchased. However, for the best experience with your Aquatic AV product, we highly recommend registering your product to automatically receive a free extended warranty and other benefits.
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After You Have Completed the Product Registration Form

Now that you have completed the product registration form or product registration via the Aquatic AV website or app, you're probably wondering if your product is officially registered, and if your registration benefits have officially gone into effect.
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